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Grain Mill? Recommendations


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Guys and Gals, I'm in the need of a grain mill. My staple grain is corn, and I've tried the cheap crank burr mill, driven by drill, but it gave up the ghost. I also bought a barley / malt grinder but it will not crack the corn. So what do you use


Thanks for your advice.

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I am having great luck with steam-rolled corn, and only need 180-degree mash water. No milling needed!

To mill small grains, I always recommend the Apollo Machine Works' Econo-Mill, made in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, which also claims to be perfect for corn.

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Hammermill is the only thing that will handle corn in the volume you need.

A roller mill will work just fine for corn. Maker's Mark uses a roller mill, and I'm guessing the volume Mash is working with does not surpass their volume. We use a roskamp with 2 sets of rolls.

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