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Whiskey/Distillery Class @ MB Roland Distillery (Kentucky)

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We're holding our first "Camp Distillery" here at MB Roland on JULY 30TH. Options are for a six-hour class (half-day), or the full-day (10 hour) version. Class starts at 6:15AM, we'll go through the entire process from mashing, fermentation, distilling, and bottling (hence the early start). This is an elevated version of the one I helped plan/give at the ADI Conference this year. Full-day course includes lunch, both include breakfast. More info on our website http://www.mbrdistillery.com/Camp_Distillery.html. Call 270-640-7744, 15-person maximum.

Half-day course focus is production (mashing, distilling & bottling), $200/person

Full-day course also includes planning/starting a distillery, proofing/regs, labeling & formulation, $300/person

We're located 1.5 miles off I-24, one hour drive (all interstate) from Nashville, TN (for those flying), multiple NEWLY BUILT hotels within 3 miles, we'll give you recommendations if you ask.

Documents/learning aids will be provided, there will be a wealth of information covered that we have learned over the years we've been doing this. We promise it will be well worth the time & cost.

Camp Distillery Flyer.pdf

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Thanks for the post. I'm not trying to be difficult, but I was wondering if only attending the "other" half would be offered. Ie, planning, regs, and formulation without the production portion. That's what I am really looking for in a class.

Regardless if it works out for my partenership group, I hope you have a good turnout. Your black dog is one of my favorite products, and one of the examples I show people of what a micro can do.

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If you're wanting to do just the second half of the course, cost will be $200, lunch included. Also, during the "distillery planning instruction," we'll go over some lessons learned/planning considerations for a gift shop/tasting room that many will find very useful.

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