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Share Your Experience of Exporting Spirits to Other Countries?

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Curiious about other small biz's experience exporting to other contries (originating within the US).

What has the experience been like?

How do you get paid? Do they pay first, then you ship? Or do you ship product over there with terms?

Do you count on just your importer to market your products? or do you have a representative over there?

Are there certain countries that are easier to deal with than others?

I understand no US Federal Excise Tax liability on exports, but what about the destination country’s customs import tariffs? I’ve found some on a country-by-country basis, anyone have a good resource that lists all countries tariffs on one page?

Russia: http://www.russian-customs-tariff.com/SectionIV/Chapter22.html

Canada: http://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/trade-commerce/tariff-tarif/2012/01-99/tblmod-eng.html


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