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Replacement Manway Gaskets

Robert Cassell

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I purchase a couple of used tanks, and am trying to find a good vendor for the manway gaskets. Anyone have any suggestions?

Manways and therefore manway gaskets are brand specific, if you know the brand of your tank or manway then you can order the replacement gasket. If you don't know anything you must then ask someone who know's or take your chances buying from stock. There are a few mgf's that vulcanize custom gaskets for a fee, but they are non-refundable. You should know the composition of the gasket material, county of MFG, temp & pressure range and it's shape and dia. Also note if the gasket is single or double sided and if the manway is swing in or swing out. If it is single sided you may also need gasket adheseve.

That will get you in the ballpark.

Best regards,

Donald R Outterson

Woodstone Creek :lol:

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