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list of U S bottle manufacturing companies


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Check out this thread for some past discussion on US Manufacturers. http://adiforums.com/index.php?showtopic=185&st=0&p=2295&hl=leoneentry2295

here's the one US company that entertained my request for a quote. The minimums they required were beyond unreasonable for a startup (over 100,000 units per year).


Leone Industries

443 South East Avenue

P.O. Box 400

Bridgeton, NJ 08302

Sales :

Phone : 856-455-2001

Fax : 856-455-1905

Email : sales@leoneglass.com

Corporate :

Phone : 856-455-2000

Fax : 856-455-3491

Email : corporate@leoneglass.com

best of luck,


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Anchor Glass and Owens Illinois jump to mind to. You can always go through the liquor store, flip the bottles over and lookup the company by the punt mark (not sure all bottles have them though). Here is a link that you can use to look up some of the punt marks http://www.emhartglass.com/punt_marks/view/company/ACI%20Glass%20Packaging Probably not all inclusive. Anchor Glass is going to be similar in that they are going to need large minimums and they probably just won't talk to you. You can buy their stuff through Saxco though. Owens does both commercial and cosmetic glass, but all of the cosmetic glass I believe is made outside the country if this is an issue for you. For non US: Bruni, Saverglass, Vitro, Saint-Gobain...

Good luck.



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Where are you located? I know a bunch of US glass manufacturers as we work with a lot of them. Depending on the volume and bottle you are looking for you may even want to go to a distributor (can help with that too).


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