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a pump to whirlpool wash in still - recomendations?


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I'm looking to rig up a means to whirlpool my wash in the still. Any recommendations on what form of pump would be suitable to handle high temp wash and extended (8+ hours) run time? I'm trying to move a 140 gallon charge — was thinking a .25-.5hp pump would be sufficient and I could see a standard centrifugal pump making some sense, but wasn't sure about running it for such a lengthy stretch. Any thoughts?

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Centrifugal pump, Lenny.

Call the boys at Dairy Engineering in Denver. Great prices for refurbished pumps and they have sale engineers that will help you size it correctly so it works well, and doesn't need much trimming (unnecessarily burn electricity).


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Jedd - I am indeed looking to induce agitation. I've got a few 2" triclamp ports along the back of my still which I figured I could connect up a couple angled 2" triclamp racking arms (already procured) to and get a non-nonsense agitation swirling around. I considered a more standard ex.proof motor/propeller but I don't have a great access point on my still for it.

HedgeBird - I do have a compressor and already run a sandpiper diaphragm pump for spirit transfer, but the thing is almost as noisy as my air compressor which is stashed way in an outdoor shed. Don't think I could take 8 or so hours of that ruckas.

Denver Distiller - Thanks. Both for the pump recommendation and for having run such an agitation system that Kristian from Dancing Pines saw and conveyed to me when he was by the other weekend. I'll give those Dairy Eng guys a shout.

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