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I'd like to know if anyone has experience working with the Hoga company of Spain? What did you think of the craftsmanship of their stills? How was their communication? Were delivery times met?

They've provided some references who I've contacted directly. I'm just curious if anyone on here had an opinion.


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One of our stills is a hoga. Curtis is right - old school, rustic, etc. They are thin metal hand hammered copper. If you dig that kind of thing it is a great still. We are very happy with ours.

We did some modifications to it after it arrived that they are now adding to their options like an internal steam coil and agitator.

If you've ever experienced Spain then the communication and timing will be expected. Not terrible but certainly not what you'd expect from the USA or Germany.

A good still for the price.

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I'm using a hoga 500L column pot still. I had to do quite a bit of modifications, the condensor needed a stand to be at the proper height to line up with the column, and I added a water bath for the pot. The communication was very slow and difficult and I had a delay because they had to order fittings from out of their country. Over all though for the price especially I'm very happy. I will definitely build my next still though!

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