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New Mexico Distiller

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I know quite a few of you, having had a few exchanges here and there during my brief flirtations with the industry. But for those of you (many of you) that I don't know personally... Cheers!

I'm a student of the distilling art, and I've invested the past decade or so of my life studying about distillation which has involved extensive travel stateside and abroad.

For the past half decade I've collected or sourced artifacts and instruments related to the 19th century French distilling industry, in addition to assembling a substantial library on the subject. I've also dedicated a significant amount of my time, energy, sweat and money on the refurbishment of these old tools-of-the-trade.

I'm now considering the idea of putting those items to use and doing a very modest but passionate excersise in "Craft Distilling*" here in New Mexico. I won't necesarily consider what I do in competition with anyone here, as much as a sating of my need to do what I love for my own peace and comfort. So don't be surprised if what I work on is flown well below the ADI/microdistilling radar, but I want to connect with like-minded individuals all the same.

So, hopefully, I can be welcomed into this your forum to contribute what little I can, but more importantly I'm very thankful for the great deal of information I've already gleaned from this place just by reading old threads.



*I use that term not out of insult to either the Ansley or ADI crowd, but because the nomenclature is part of my State statutes.

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I should also point out that the NM distillers' crowd has been very welcoming, especially here around Santa Fe. Nick Jones of Santa Fe Spirits has become a good friend and an encouraging influence where my hopes of establishing a DSP are concerned. Don Quixote's Ohla Dolin has been very kind and acceptant. I can't say that I've linked up with KGB Spirit, but I look forward to getting to sit down to a glass with their distiller.

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Hi Juan,

Your passion for the trade is clearly evident, and most would say that you have the "right stuff" for craft distilling.

I would recommend that you become acquainted with Felix Torres of Indio-Hispano Native Foods in Albuquerque to investigate a possible collaboration. Perhaps you are already in his circle!

All the best,

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Welcome Juan!!... Sorry for the late date of the post but I am knee deep in hammering copper and chasing paperwork.. I am right in the middle of setting up the first distillery in Albuquerque and would be happy to share any info that I have collected over the last couple of years ..Really cool that you are delving into the past for new ideas.... PM me your phone # and we'll talk.... :D :D PS ... Berle thanxx for the info on Felix ...I will get in touch with him also !!... THanxxxx...Brian

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