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inside rep contact info.


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Hello everyone! So after much research I have narrowed it down to two glass companies I would like to use; Bruni and Saver glass. I have made contact multiple times over the last two Weeks via phone and or email and have not receaived a reply nor a return phone call. Dose any one have a direct number to an inside rep for ether of these companies? Thanks!

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Hi Frank,

We don't have as fancy bottles as the above but we have a good selection + we are easy to reach.

Let me know if I can send you a PDF or our bottles,


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Saver - Josh Heintz - 414.426.5184 or jph@saverglass.com

Bruni - Leonardo Mocci - 707.246.4968 or leonardo.mocci@bruniglass.com

If you are looking for screen printing or spray coating, let me know...



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