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750ml PET Liquor Bottles

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Do any of you craft distillers out there have or see a need for plastic Liquor bottles? If so we have available to us a 59 gram 750ml clear PET Liquor round 28mm TE ( 12 pack reshipper) bottle to offer in minimum orders of 1 pallet .

These bottles are brought in as a customer specific item at the moment, but we could certainly sell them to you with little notice. There are 105 cases on a pallet.

I can send a PDF drawing to you by email if there is any interest?

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Here are two problems with PET.

Plastic looks cheap. It sure looks like a sales hindrance if your product is marketed as "premium."

There may be problems with distilled spirits leaching the plastic. I haven't found any definitive answers on leaching, so I'm not going to make any absolute statements. But it's obviously a concern to many.

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