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What pH meters are people using?


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I have been looking at the various options but nothing seems to have very good ratings overall. The two I was considering were:

Extech PH100 ExStik Waterproof pH Meter

Hanna Instruments HI 9813-6N Waterproof pH/EC/TDS Temperature Meter

Are there other versions people have used?

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in the winemaking business where the ph is extremely critical after many various ph meter I found two to be top of the line, beckman and hanna. I like th hanna a little bit more simply because they make a bench model that is extgremely accurate. the secret is the electrons are very accurate for approx a year of heavy use. i use the 901 tritrate model which does not only do ph but also free and total so2, va, etc. other stull that you really do not need in the distilling business. the bench ph meter is more than sufficient, fairly inexpensiv e and you can buy directly from hanna and they can supply you with buffers that you will need, ph7,4 and 3 buffers so you calibrate daily.lots of luck.

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