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Greetings from Smaug@stilldragon.com

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Hello everyone. I'm Larry from StillDragon.

Our distilling systems are predicated on completely modular components that allow for ultimate flexibility for the small operator.

Soon we will be rolling out our 6" and 8" "BubbleTees" to compliment our existing 4" product line and the ancillary components needed to outfit any number of possible configurations.

1,2,3 or 10 plate sections are available according to budget constraints, physical plant limitations or the type of product you may be producing.

Little to no fabrication skills needed to design and build your own interpretation. Or use our parts to modify your existing equipment.

Components manufactured from 304 stainless.

Boilers, fermenters and insulated holding tanks also available.

Please check us out as our product line continues to grow.

Kind regards



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Keep us posted on the roll out of you 6" & 8" modular columns.

Double G

The 6 and 8 components are now available but they are not yet a stock item here in the US. We can certainly drop ship any orders placed.

We can also take an opprtunity to install any extra service ports needed to insure that the apparatus marrys well with any of your monitoring equipment.


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Any way to disable plates without removing them from the tower?

No but there are run strategies that can help the operator render two different products from the same boiler charge as our reflux condensers can put the rig into 100% reflux mode at any point during the run...the only real issue is taking good notes in order To replicate the run strategy or not.

As far as removing or adding plates prior To a run,,,,,thats easy peasy.

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I see prices for the 4" columns on your site. How do the 6" and 8" columns compare in price?

By comparison:

One 4" bubble tee assembly / 165 bux

One 8" bubble tee assembly / 630 bux

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What about a price, in US$, for your 6" & 8" 20" lengths TC straight sections.

The 6" x 20" segment is $225

The 8" x 20" is $335

8" clamps are $50

waiting for 6" clamp pricing

8" silicone gaskets are $2

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I've been a customer for a year now and have always been happy with the service. He ships fast and gets the job done. I don't have the Still Dragon column but have used him for lots of parts. The parrot is first class.

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