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There was discussion at the last ADI conference around staging of a National Distillery Day. I'd like to propose as a group craft distillers celebrate their adventures in small spirits by welcoming visitors, where possible, to the neighborhood distillery on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 29th.

Let's take a lesson from Las Vegas, which was once "sin City" but has successfully transformed itself into a highly successful "Family Destination", no reason why your craft distillery can not be a family trip, accommodate the kids somehow. The idea is to give everyone a reason to be there, and stay long enough to enjoy and purchase.

This is a first-time event, a "try out" as it were. I propose it be kept simple and to one single day this first year. There's time enough to get the word out regionally and get your customers and regional press to respond. Invite notables to your distillery, such as State Legislators, Federal folk, restaurant and retail customers, families and their kids.

At TUTHILLTOWN SPIRITS we will have some music all day on the deck, free tours and tastings and a small discount for purchases made. We'll put up photos showing the development of the distillery. And likely stage an "Introduction to Distilling" seminar. We're suggesting that each distillery act independently on this launch event and see how it goes. The goal will be to launch the concept, work out the wrinkles and then plan for staging a more comprehensive national event and generate serious publicity next year for event two.

Looking for feedback on this. It's an opportunity to welcome consumers into your distillery and give them something to relate to, join the family so to speak. And of course it will generate sales for those distillers with shops and the ability to sell to consumers direct.


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Ralph, a day and a half without a response to this? What goes? I'm in. i'll be more than happy to do this as best I can, being a tenent, in an industrial park, and not a lot of wiggle room with local compliance. National Distillery Day or National Craft Distillery Day? If we have a logo, or branding, that would add to the legitimacy. Nothing fancy or with too much thought.

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Ralph is right on track. Let's start thinking about this for 2013. I am definitely gonna plan on something in my town. I'm picturing a pig roast, music, etc. I can't do direct sales yet, but I've found that my community is more than willing to take a trip to the liquor store after a great party! Ralph, it's a "go" in AK for 2013!

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Ralph, if interested I would be willing to help coordinate, compile ideas, and manage a formal effort in making this idea a reality. I am leaving for Santa Fe tomorrow to meet with a client and if you and the rest of the industry are receptive to formulating a strategy my contact info is attached. we can meet when I return and put together a game plan to expedite a basic plan of attack. Hope all is well and will call you on Thursday. This can surely work out. Matt

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In 2013, Saturday is the 28th, NOT the 29th.

If you are proposing the 28th, I think the Chicago area craft distillers and the ICDA (Illinois Craft Distillers Association) are all in. North Shore Distillery and Koval are already organizing the Second Annual Chicago Craft Spirit Week, which will be Sept 24-28, 2013, thus ending on the proposed Distillery Day! The Chicago Indie Spirits Expo is also that week.

Is someone setting up a web site for National Distillery Day? At least a Facebook page? Would be a good task for the newly formed American Craft Distillers Association.

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I'm on board and have been thinking of organizing such a day! Regarding the date, why late September? Rather than a particular date, "National Craft Distillers Day" can be on say 'the forth Saturday of September. That way it would always be on a Saturday.

Additionally, I believe it would be great to have this day approved by Congress which is not a difficult process.

I have probably the most extensive list of craft distillers in the U.S. and Canada and would gladly assist in contacting everyone to garner support including petition signatures.


David J. Reimer Sr. - Author

Micro-Distilleries in the U.S. and Canada


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