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Hello my name is Anthony, I am apprentice/assistant distiller at Ascendant Spirits in Buellton, California.

I am new to distilling, but my path here has been quite interesting. I studied Biomedical Engineering at Cal Poly and got my degree with a focus in microbiology, biologic systems, and industrial applications. Got an internship at a biotech company dealing with yeasts and fermentation making biofuels and other chemicals. After my internship they said I got a job, but through some bureaucracy (which I'm sure you're all very familiar with), they didn't have a position for me, and I didn't get a job.

I continued looking in the brewing industry with my new fascination with yeast and fermentation, but I came too late, the market is saturated. Dabbled in the wine industry but it's too slow paced for me. Through a fun turn of events I got connected with Stephen Gertman who was going to start a new distillery, and he needed someone with a strong background in science and engineering, and understood the principals of fermentation. Few months later it's a reality, Stephen just got word yesterday that we are legal to make distilled beverages in the eyes of the feds and state. And although I am new to artisan distilling, I am very much eager to learn as much as I can.

Thank you for providing this space for distillers and enthusiasts alike to come together and collaborate each other's knowledge and ideas.

-Anthony Cano

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