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Need 700ml STOCK Bottles? Our Catalogue Attached!

Josh Heintz

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DD, I do thank you for expanding my narrow view! I have been responding in that critical manner several times as a result of a friend who did purchase an off size bottle and got stuck with them. Though, I found an alternative use to use them. I now apologize for those negative posts.



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Ah, makes sense, BB. I've also seen foreign plants try and stuff 750 ml into 700 ml bottles. Result? Corks popping in thousands of bottles due to a lack of headspace to ameliorate temperature and pressure changes.

It's good of you to point this stuff out to the new guys.

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This is a great point. One thing to remember, most all US, Mexico & European glass companies put the volume number on the side or bottom of the bottle. You will see either a 750ml or 75cl.

BB in regards to your friend who had 700ml bottles passed off as 750ml, that is terrible. There are a few factors that impact corks popping. The main one is head space. With a spirit over 40 proof you need to have 3% head space to account for the amount the higher alcohol will expand in temperature change.

All “Spirits” bottles should have this and our molds do. Wine however only needs a 1% head space. I have run into this issue when someone took a wine bottle and put vodka in it. There are also different internal dimensions for a wine cork opening and a T-cork opening.

All in all if you have questions like this one to discuss call me anytime.




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