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excise tax


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hi everybody,

i'm thinking about starting a farm distillery in new york state. when are you required to pay excise tax to the federal and state governments? is it as soon as your spirit is produced or sold? and in the case of aged spirits (whiskey) when is excise tax payable (after being sold, after finishing in the barrel, or right off of the still)?

any advice would be much appreciated.


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You need to read the federal regulations very soon. But....

You will need a bond that will cover several areas, including the unpaid tax on the spirits you have bottled (called processing). Once you remove (withdrawn) those bottled spirits from the bonded processing area, typically by selling them to your distributor, you become liable for the taxes.

We pay taxes every two weeks. Spirits withdrawn from the bonded area from the 1st to the 15th are due usually by the 28th or so and for the period from the 16th to month's end (with some exceptions like September) are due around the 14th of the following month. See here: http://www.ttb.gov/tax_audit/archive/2012_semi-monthly_tax_due_dates.pdf

Start here and enjoy:


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