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Mad Scientist Spirits-Raleigh, NC

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My name is Don McIntyre. I'm an Organic Chemist who is now turning to Craft Distiller. I've distill many a compound in my career but never ethanol from a mash. I'm not worried about the distillation aspects just everything else. I've just finished the business plan and now seeking some funding. Our initial focus will be on Vodka and Gin. We plan on moving into other product areas as time permits.

It's great to be in the forum.

Don McIntyre

Mad Scientist Spirits

PO Box 90634

Raleigh, NC 27675

919 602-0677

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O-Chem was stupid hard.....good on you for making a career out of it. As you say, with your background, Distillation isn't the big deal....but also with your background you're going to find that you have a great leg up on some aspects of the industry, especially extraction and maturation chemistry in barrels.

Good luck with your funding. If you are going a traditional route, get with your local Small Business Development Corp and talk to them about the SBA 504 and 7A programs. With either loan guarantee under your belt from SBA, it will make getting your financing through a bank that much easier. Beware the investor, partner, or angel.....all come with drawbacks. If you can get this done on your own, do so...you'll be happier in the end.

Good luck

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We evaluated a lot of options and the SBA/Commercial Lender option just offered the best deal. 10 yr fixed rates, loan guarantee helped take the risk off the bank. It was a thoughtful process, lots of inspection and introspection of the business and marketing plans, which helped a lot.

First things first, put the business plan away and build a marketing plan. You are opening a marketing company that just happens to make hooch, regardless of your background, you are about to become a sales/marketing agent for your booze. Figure out your local & regional markets, barriers to entry, sales paths, etc, etc..... The numbers from that effort will drive the business plan....and in direct result will make your business plan that much more strong.

Get to the distilleries in your area and bring them lunch, a good eat-on-your-feet lunch...because they'll probably be working constantly while you're there. Be ready with specific questions about the business, not the stills, mash/ferment, packaging....the business of "selling hooch". Once you have a good grasp on that, then look at the mechanics of making hooch.

Keep going, you're asking great questions.

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Good luck. I grew up about 1.5 hours from Raleigh and frequent the area.

While I love the area, is it going to be overly difficult? Control states, for us, are tough. Having the ability to sell on site, in that area, would be great. Have they passed on site samples and sales yet?

Let me know if I can help. It would give me a reason to go see family nearby.

John Little

Smooth Ambler Spirits

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