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100 Gallon Mash Tun $1,460.00

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We have 100 gallon direct fire mash tuns for sale for 1,460.00 each. If you want to distill off of the grain or make beer this is what you need. These mash tuns come standard with removable false bottom screens, 2" try clamp clean outs just above the false bottom screen, 1" drain valves with 2nd screen & 1" tri-clamp adapter and 1.5" tri-clamp thermowell with thermometer and 1/2" triclamp adapter. If you want a 4" tri clamp clean out it would cost and extra $155.00. These are not on our web site yet. If you are interested please email me at paul@distillery-equipment.com or call 417-778-6908.

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