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Using double-walled plastic hazmat storage tanks as jacketed fermenters?


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Hey all,

I wonder if anybody has any experience using the double-walled plastic storage tanks typically used in hazardous materials storage as a jacketed fermenter?

In particular, I was looking at the products listed here: http://www.plastic-m...uble-wall-tanks

It seems to me that one could modify those tanks with an inlet - outlet port on the spill containment outside wall for cooling flow, and bam -- a pretty quick and easy jacketed fermenter. I expect that without a conical bottom it might be a little more work to pump all of the ferment out. I mean to call them to find out if the tanks can be made from a food-safe plastic, which is a major open question.

- Peter


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I'd check that the double wall is actually a pass-thru jacket. My guess is that structurally, the outer wall is bound to the inner wall at various places and as such you're cooling medium won't be able to move through the 2nd wall as it would in a truly jacketed vessel.

You may want to ping Robert over at Kothe. They sell 250g HDPE tanks, non jacketed, that you may be able to modify to your needs.

Good luck.

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