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Please let me know in the future when you are set for your coling equipment, I am looking into building a small cooling system (chiller) that would roll into a van for testing and sales.


Mike Gronski

678-773-2794 Cell

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We offer a fractionating still with pot still programming added. For more information on its functionallity, please see:


For more info on how she runs as a potstill, just go to the Blog that's part of the website.

Regards, Edwin.

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Hi, I'm Paul from Confederate Stills of Alabama, check out this link: http://www.hillbillystills.com/100_Gallon_copper_distiller_p/hbtk120.htm Made in the USA, made in 100/150/200/250 gal. either natural gas or electric heat. 4/6/8" outlet ferrule to mount your column. You don't have to settle for imported stainless anymore....make your distillery unique and memorable for the tourist. Paul-CSA


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