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Enolmatic bottle filler: gasket size?


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Hi All,

I can't seem to find specifications on the Enolmatic vacuum filler. I am needing to fill small 5oz bottles and I cannot seem to figure what the gasket size is for the regular set-up ( or down to what size bottle it will handle). I'm wondering if I need to buy their mignon kit, which is hard to find and expensive! Does anyone know these specs, or does anyone have one of these units they could measure for me? Thanks!

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I have a single spigot model Enolmatic filler here and the plastic guide that is below the tapered gasket looks to measure right at 15mm. The bottom of the gasket blends right to this so at the very smallest point it would also be 15mm. Not sure if all models use the same size gasket but it looks like you might be able to squeeze by.

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