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NABCA membership?

Werner Distilling

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I've got my permit, the state license, local, all that. Now I have to join NABCA and pay 1500 (min) per year, for a 6 digit number to sell in my home state. I guess its still cheaper. Than a distributers cut but it feels like a ripoff.

Careful with how you think of the NABCA number. This is not a distributor's cut, you will still pay a markup to State Liquor Warehouses and Distributors on top of the fee for the NABCA number.

See the map in the hyperlink. http://www.nabca.org/States/States.aspx For instance, Montana charges a 20% markup & 3% excise tax on top of the NABCA fee ....... and without the NABCA registration, you can't sell in MT or the 16 other states in the NABCA system.

Costs of doing business in a beverage alcohol environment is varied. Wait until you attempt to sell into markets with locally controlled liquor divisions (those by county) and the NABCA fee will seem small.

Good Luck.

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so a $75 "number" per product? What's the number for?

If you want to sell your product in a control state, you need to assign that product a control state code which is handed down and "managed" by the NABCA (National Alcohol Beverage Control Association). Control states won't consider a product for listing until it is give a Control State Code (CSC) In addition to existing, the CSC must be displayed in a certain fashion, mostly regarding size, on case lables. These details are provided by the NABCA. here's an example of what my case lable looks like with the CSC printed on it the required size and font, etc.


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My research so far suggests that most states (control and non-control) require you to register your company with them and register your product in order to sell there. So while a distributor might help with that process, it appears you can't escape the paperwork, or the fees.

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