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Hello from NE Texas

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We plan to start a distillery early 2013 in NE Texas.

Please feel free to submit any equipment proposals or other suggestions.

We are an open book.

Especially interested in any input from spirits distributors or distillers interested in NE Texas.

We also have a small vineyard we are expanding.

Interested in Vodka, Wheat Whiskey and Grappa

I have been involved is about a dozen business start-ups, some good, some bad.

I think this will be fun and rewarding.

903 365 2315


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I have a couple customers running our equipment in Dallas Fort Worth area.

one is in production currently on of of our small systems and will be upgrading to one of our large stills come January/February

we have another client in the stock yards that is due to receive a very large still and vodka column December/January

I can put you in touch with them if you'd like

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You mentioned you might get me an invite to see your equipment in Dallas. Still interested.

I am passing through San Antonio Tx on Tuesday and Thursday this week if you have any connections in that area?

Thanks in advance,


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