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bottles sold by startups


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I'm trying to gauge and predict our possible bottle sales for the first year. We know everything takes time but I was wondering what people's experiences are. Did you sell more bottles than planned for, less, dramatically less, etc? We'll be producing on 100gal still gin, rum and whiskey. We are deeply rooted in the media industry and hope to have great organic growth via tv, newspapers and blogs on top of canvassing all the restaurants and bars. All I keep telling myself is that it's not a bottle it, they will drink it... it can't be that easy right :) Seriously, just trying to figure out demand. We're in a city of 1 million with no distilleries.


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Many of us are in the same predicament. I wish I had an answer. Rightly or wrongly, I see my business as making it or failing in 18 months. I am still months away from selling a single bottle, but I will try to post my sales numbers once I get going. It would be great to hear from others in the first 2 years of business about whether they met, beat, or missed their first year targets.

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