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Hello everyone!

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Hi there!

My name is Steve and I'm here to represent Universal Packaging. We've been supplying the beverage industry with top-quality packaging solutions since 1985. Some of the products and services we offer are:

  • Plain Glass
  • Custom ACL Screen Printing
  • Bar-top closures (both natural and synthetic)
  • Decals
  • Frosted Bottles
  • Printed Cartons
  • Glassware
  • Graphic Design
  • Freight, Logistics & Warehousing

While I've never been fortunate enough to distil for myself, I have several years of experience bartending that have taught me how to appreciate the art of a well-crafted spirit. In my opinion, few drinks can top a well-made whiskey sour!

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about packaging or marketing in general.While I am here representing Universal, I'm not a salesman; I won't try to sell you something you don't need, ever. If you're interested in our products and want to pursue something, I can direct you to the right people.

I'm looking forward to hanging out here at ADI and learning more about what makes the distilling world tick!

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