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we have ordered a number of these units for stock and display

it is a revised design of you previous offerings, keeping all the same parts that work so well, and refashioning them into a more modular system.

comes paired with an integrated heat and dephlegmator control from Mashinganddistillerycontrols.com

Basic system (Potstill, 4 plate Column, Condenser and Parrot) retail $27k

Gin/vodka System ( everything shown ) retail $43k

we only have a short window before fabrication begins on these units, so order quick




System features:

Zero pressure indirect electric/oil heat

3 phase agitator

CIP sprayball located in boiler, gin box and every plate in both columns

304 stainless kettle and accessories

5mm and 3mm copper construction

5 copper cap and risers per plate

all connections Triclamp or NPT

Control (included)

single phase or 3 phase 220v power source

60A 1ph or 20A 3ph

Jacket temp monitor

3 quick release/replace heating element adaptors.

Control Options (avaliable as custom order)

electronic head and dephleg temp display

electronic dephleg control

Heat and Hold vapor/start up monitor

auto tails cut/ run out

coolant fail auto shut down

and more features avaliable

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Steve, its been several months since I first contacted you but I just learned today the county has provided a clear path to getting through building, zoning, health and public safety. I'm extremely interested in the 60 gallon basic system. Confirming whether the system as priced above remains available and am inquiring what the delivery time would be.

The county/fire chief has required that we provide the specs of the system we intend to you use. I've been to your website but havent been able to locate specs. Is this something you can provide? Do you have any other "literature" on system. I'll be the first distiller in my county and as you may expect I have to do a lot of educating.

I'm also interested in pricing and greater detail on the non-standard accessories you list.

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well these are about to arrive, we doubled our original order and all but two are sold already.

we have one basic and one gin/vodka that are not spoken for.

the Gin/Vodka unit will be a placeholder at our shop in Mobile Alabama until the display unit arrives in about a month's time.


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Sorry folks we're sold out.

we ordered quite a few units built, but wasn't enough for demand

we'll be starting another larger run soon, as soon as the last of this batch are delivered.

we will have one system at the ADI conference, it is tentatively spoken for but no deposit put down yet.

we have a standard unit as well being used for testing currently, it will be available for sale in May.

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