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Hose rack/ Hose storage


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I would like to see some pictures of how everyone is storing their hoses in between use. When I worked in the wine industry I saw a bunch of variants on this that allowed the hoses to drain while in the rack. I just don't have the wall space to use that format where I am at right now. I am sure that I can come up with a solution myself, but thought that someone out there might have invented a better mouse trap. This not being an essential proprietary element to production I figured everyone new, and old could benefit from seeing each others take on how to do this.



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If you're using cam lock couplers, then a dead "manifold" that has a number of male coupler ends on it would allow you to hook the hoses up and leave them hang vertically. If you made it an actual manifold you could hook up a water supply to flush your hose after use as well.

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I was my hope this thread could be a visual reference to others besides my self when they decide to build a hose rack. Please shoot a photo of you drying rack and post it.

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