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Product Review: Trident Welding Condenser

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I recently acquired some parts from Trident Welding / Made in Maine to upgrade my little Colonol Wilson still, and I know Jesse would like some feedback. I finally got a test run in this weekend.

I had previously homebrewed a better-than-original condenser for it - but it was leak prone. So I'd already bypassed the original condenser and moved to sanitary fittings on the still. And while the V1.1 of the Colonels' parrot was functional and coppery, it also had a couple of drawbacks, mainly along the connection to the condenser.

So here's the pic of the new setup.


The condenser is 7 tubes. Nice and sturdy. Smooth welds. The spirit temp was within a degree F of the indicated inlet water temp. I'm still working on my homebrewed chiller, but the condenser worked nicely.

The parrot is a requested variation of Jesse's normal design. I asked for a sanitary ferrule on the vent. I put a screen gasket over it and use a clamp to hold it loosely in place. (I like screens. The funnel has one, too.) I also asked for a sanitary ferrule on the base of the standpipe. I put a clamp to 'beer nut' adapter on it, and then a Micromatic valve. A relatively inexpensive way to have a nice drain to clear the parrot between cuts. The cup doesn't quite drain completely - but it's only a few mLs.

I'm pleased. The sale was easy, delivery quick, and I thought the pricing more than fair.

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