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New reflux column still build. Unsure about column size


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I just purchased a 200 gallon boiler and I am trying to decide on a good diameter for my column. So far my first 2 builds have been a great success but I believe there is always room for improvement. Here are some details about the 2 stills in my Distillery


Boiler- 35 gallon

Column- 4 plate, 4" diameter

Average % alc- 80-85%


Boiler- 150 gallon

Column- 5 plate, 6" diameter

Average % alc- 90-95%+

I am considering both an 8" and a 10" diameter column. Your opinions are greatly appreciated.

BTW- I make white rum. both stills produce an excellent flavorful product. Here are some pics. Freedom is on the left and Democracy on the right.


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