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Column, precondenser and condenser

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We are selling what has essentially been our stripping still. Asking price is $8000 and does not include freight. Features include:

an 8" stainless column with 4" & 2" triclamp access and thermometer,

a precondenser with cooling coil, thermometer and 2" triclamp access,

an 8" condenser with internal coil stand and parrot.

Everything is put together by 2" triclamp for ease of maintenance and cleaning. Sanitary stainless welds. The 150 gallon pot is from the 40's and leaks steam a little. It still works well. We are not including any copper plates, packing, etc. You will need to get that on your own. We are firm on price as that is what it cost to build it.

If interested contact by messaging through ADI forums.



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