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Lake George Distilling Company

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Hi everyone.

I have been a member of the ADI since the beginning of the year and I wanted to take this opportunity to finally introduce myself. My wife and I have finally secured the location for our new distillery and we would like to introduce you all to Lake George Distilling Company.

We have ordered our still from Vendome a couple of weeks ago and we expect to close on our building the beginning of next month, but we also expected to close on the building the beginning of September and the beginning of October and the beginning of November. I think you get my meaning. We have been under contract since July and the SBA has thrown many hurdles in our path. Hopefully we can apply for our DSP before the first of the year. Ha, Ha.

My wife and I attended the ADI conference in Kentucky this year and had a blast. All the great people we met got our excitement up for our project and it turned out we really needed it since it seems to be taking forever.

Long story short, if you are in Lake George, NY next summer I hope you will look us up. We would love to meet everyone! We are shooting for a grand opening in June 2013.


John McDougall

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Hey John,

Congrats and please keep everyone posted.

Would love to do lunch sometime and discuss the biz.

Please contact me at larry@silvertonemastering.com or at 518-581-8141. I'm about to talk to Vendome but wanted to talk to you first (in case they do some sort of discount for referrals). Same with any contractors you might be using.

best regards,


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