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Bottling Line Questions

Odyssey Spirits

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Not being familiar with bottling lines I'm wondering if it would be possible to retool an existing beer bottling line to work with spirits bottling?

If one has multiple products with different bottle shapes and sizes, what is necessary to switch from one to another?

Who are the suppliers of bottling equipment (both small scale & automated lines)?

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I would be hesitant to make a change over like that from beer to spirits. You have to worry about material compatibilities.......I don't know of a beer filler that is Class 1 Div 1.......

I made the decision to go with a company called "Inline Filling Systems". One of the main reasons I liked there line was that change over to different sizes is EXTREMELY easy and quick, with very little change over. I do 50mLs as well as 750s, and since it's an overflow filler, I get a nice aesthetic fill line from bottle to bottle. Even though you will spend more than the cost of a "wine cow filler", one of the major benefits I like with the one I have is that instead of having to reinvest your capital at every scale up, you can add on to your initial investment. As far as install......hook up a compressed air line, that's it. Maintanence.....I have yet to need to do anything, but all the parts (with the exception of the fill nozzles) you can buy at Grainger or McMaster Carr. The model I purchase was a 2 head semi-auto that fills 750s at 10 BPM. That unit can have automation added on at a later date, or you can expand the number of fill heads and operate at speeds up to 40BPM.

I am very happy with this equipment.......if I rave about it much more I am going to start sending them invoices for doing sales work! LOL

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