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Hello from Missouri!

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Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to introduce ourselves. We are the Mad Buffalo Distillery in Union, Missouri. While I've been a member of ADI and on the forums for a little over a year, we 've recently received our federal permit and are currently waiting on label approval and our state permits to really get started.

We are in essence a farm distillery. We own Shawnee Bend Farms and grow all the grain, mainly corn, that we will use in our products. We are family owned and will focus on small batch, labor intensive processes that try to minimize our environmental impact. We have devoted three buildings to our distillery.

We are starting by working through a small distributor to hit St. Louis, Kansas City, and the other larger cities in Missouri, while we self-distribute to the two counties closest to our facility. We plan on working up to a retail location in a year or two, but will open up for farm/distillery tours later next year.

We do almost everything in house. We do all the marketing, sales, fabrication, production, and agriculture stuff in-house. We also try and buy anything we cannot make ourselves as local as we can. In fact, almost everything in our facility was either made in Missouri or supplied by a Missouri supplier. Our labels, bottles, barrels, mash tuns, and other equipment were all made in Missouri, also. The one big exception is that our stills are from Artisan Still Designs. And although I wish they were made in Missouri, I am extremely happy with the craftmanship, functionality, and service that I received from Steven and his team. And the stills work great!

We are excited to be a part of the craft distillation community and look forward to working with and/or meeting you all.

Chris Burnette

Mad Buffalo Distillery

Union, Missouri

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Chris, welcome this forum and to the distilling world.

I am particularly interested in your operation because I have a similar attitude to the environment, and a similar farm based distillery.

A quote from your web site " Every glass you drink comes 100% from ingredients grown, cleaned, processed, distilled, blended and bottled by our family"

Well done

Peter Bignell

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Thanks for the support. I've been very pleased with the members of this forum and of ADI over the past year. Where else can a new business get such information and support!

I'll update the forum as we progress.

Chris Burnette

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