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buying pumps w/o expensive carts


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I am looking for a pump that i can move my thicker mashes with, corn based, and wanted to have a pump in place to do it but started looking at waukeshas, etc. They are crazy expensive and have all kinds of operater error protections for a premium. I'm looking for a positive displacement air pump like a yamada w/o frame and cost which comes w/ it for the time being. Does anyone know a good supplier of these pumps for a good price? Is it the hardware that cost so much or the carts or what? Why are they so expensive when they simply have circuit protection voltage spike detection and rheostats or for guys who like specificity, potentiometers, etc. Is there anything in these pumps that I'm missing that carries them from the 800-1500.00 range upto the 8000+ range?

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