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Does anyone have any experience with Norit Carbons


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Hi all, Does anyone have any experience using Norit SX Ultra 48-33 PAC.? They claim it is really good for vodka purification but pretty darn expensive ($18.76) We are in the process of getting the price on their standard D 10 PAC which we may end up going with. Also, we are looking into Norit GCA 1240 Plus for a filtration system which is less espensive ($4.36 a pound). Another guy in NJ had GAC 20 X 50S Coconut based for a lot less $1.85 a pound. Big difference. Also, we are re-distilling GNS first (taking our head and tail cuts) before we even get to the carbon stage so we may not need the high efficiency carbons. If anyone has any advice for us, we would appreciate it.

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We are getting samples of some other types and from other manufacturers so we can do testing first. Apparently, we thought we needed more than we did. We didn't realize that we only need 4 oz. of PAC per 100 gallons for batch method. The only tricky part we were told is filtering afterwards. Does anyone know what type of filter we need to do this. We understand from one of the manufacturers that the size has to be smaller than .0017 inches or .043 millieters. Thanks in advance if anyone has any comments or suggestions. - Cheers

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Neil, as a rule for treatment of vodka need special carbons and charcoal. It is very unreasonable to treat vodka in statics. It is obsolete method. More correct is applying DYNAMIC methods of treatment. Though in Europe, but in vodka manufacturing unsofisticated countries somewhere indeed is applying dust carbon in statics. But it didn`t improve vodka.

As for Norit SX Ultra type of dust carbon:


Norit SX ULTRA is especially suitable for the decolourisation and purification of pharmaceuticals, where the use of high purity additives is required.

But can you tell me what kind impurities you going to remove from you water-spirit mixture by the carbon?


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