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$500$ OFF! 10 Day Sale on 30 Gallon Glass column'd still


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$500 Off

Starting today, If you initiate an order for one of our complete 30 gallon glass proofing stills, and pay the deposit on or before Dec 7th 2012, you will receive a $500 discount.

Base Unit as shown in the pictures below are available $5000.

Includes: Boiler, Glass Column, Dephleg, product condenser, electric heat control system and element adapters.


There are several optional add-ons/upgrades available. Such add-ons include; botanical Basket, analog and/or digital thermometer options, upgraded electric control system for semi-automatic functions, electric coolant control, automatic tails run out and shutdown.

The Base unit is already at great price at $5000US, Order before December 7th, 2012 and receive a $500 discount. The Base Unit requires only heating elements, wiring for the elements and control panel, and coolant lines and control, and your ready rock and roll.

Order inquiries can be directed to lurch@paradiselostbevco.com

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Since your are the FIRST one to reply to this new topic, I have a special deal for you only.

For you special today my friend I will give you 50% off of the still pictured above in the first post.

Please make payment via paypal or check payable to Paradise Lost BevCo. :D

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Thank you steve and swede!

I have not been gettig notifications from ADI about anything (new posts and PM's). Apologies on the late responses folks.

YES I am still in business. I was very sick for a couple months and unfortunately some emails may have gotten over looked. If you sent me an email and i have not previously responded I am very sorry, please try me again. I have been pretty busy with some sales, as well as trying to develope some new products. I am a one man operation.

You can reach me by any one of the following.


(530) 282 - LOST

(530) 282 - 5678

(530) 262 - 1338 cell

I am/was a website developer some years ago and thought that i could tackle doing up my own website, but I have failed so far. I have recently contacted a company to make a website for me.

since the website is on hold or under construction you can check out some of the photos on my face book page


To answer a couple of questions, I am located in northern california, just south of the city of Redding, For the most part all not readily available parts are made right here in northern californa. The bubble caps are made in china, product condenser and the standard dephlegmator are made in china (but i only have a few left and all future dephlegs/PC's will be made here by me), the plates are laser and water cut here, downcommers are made here by me, internal and external strut rods, glate gaskets are made here by me, glass end hardware and other small parts are machined here, custom dephlegmators are now being made here, glass is made in checz republic, shipped here and cut here. This is not a complete list of the parts that are available but as you can see the majority of these parts, the parts that are not readily available at the local hardware store are made right here in my are by local people or by ME personally. Since i am still a smaller operation some parts simply must be ordered from china because of the order size (i cannot yet order 1,000 bubble caps at a time).

For the time being if you would like to reach my contact me directly. I will be looking into the spam filters of my email provider as well as ADI notifications.

If anyone has any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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