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Is NY a control state? If so, go straight to them. Sometimes you have to pay for it, but there is information there if you ask the right folks.

NY is not a control state.

I have found a few resources and I will be attending the next NYS Craft Distiller Guild meeting on the 12th (to hopefully talk to a few members afterward).

In our area alone (30 mile radius) I know of 3 craft distilleries going on line in the next year and a half and two more are already established (in a 50 miles radius)... so she certainly seems like she's a growing industry. Weather the market can bear it or not is another story... but I have a feeling that the John & Jane Q. public is more hungry for craft items than the big box chains would want you to believe. I certainly see this amongst my friends.

If micro-breweries have 7% of the market in the US it stands to reason that the craft distilling industry will probably settle in at around the same in the long run. Of course this is just a "guestamation" on my part but I could actually see it doing better than the micro brewery industry.

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