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Big Barn Distillery &Adirondack Spirits

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Just wanted to introduce ourselves to all of you. We are located in the beautiful foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in Washington County New York. We are close to Lake George, Saratoga and the "North Country". Our plan is to open a "Farm Distillery" with tasting room,gift shop etc. on our 200 acre farm. We hope to have a malting floor and smoking facility so if anyone is interested in these products let us know. We plan to make Vodka, various Whiskey's and of course Moonshine. We are new to this business and appreciate this forum which is a wealth of information. Thanks to all. Dave B

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Welcome to the forum.

Please keep us posted about your progress.

I am particularly interested as you will be farm based, as I am.

it is a great way to be environmentally friendly.


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