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New Topic and Followed Forums Function Still Broken?

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One of the reasons I'm not more active here these days is that with one of the forum upgrades, I stopped getting the email notifications I used to get when someone posted a new topic or a reply to a topic I've "followed." I'm subscribed to most forums here, and a good number of topics, but I never get any sort of notification anymore. Does anyone here know a fix?

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Hi Gwydion,

Ever since this feature was fixed mid may, 2012, I've been able to get both new topics in my email. Yours, in fact, came through my email. I don't know if replies to topics I've followed also works, since it's been a while since I've followed any topics.

I wonder if cycling through your settings (turning off , saving your changes, logging out, then logging back in, turning them on, and saving) would help? My guess is you've already tried that, since you know a lot about how these things work. For what it's worth, I'm using Firefox v16.0.2 for my browser. Could it be a browser issue?

Best of luck,

Jason Parker

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