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Single phase 230 volt chillers

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I am sourcing single phase chillers, from 1 to 10 HP, from a custom manufacturer in VA.

He has supplied to the local wineries and I worked with the fellow probably 15 years ago at the same company that built chillers and commercial refrigeration systems (cooler and freezer boxes).

I have noticed a problem, both with cost and lead time from most manufacturers who want to standardize on 460/3/60 and 230/3/60.

"Making" the 3 phase is not preferable but has been unavoidable to some.

I can send a picture of one of their units for those interested.

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Just a curiosity question.

We have single phase 240 V in Australia, I believe US households have 110 V

In what situations do you have 230 volts single phase?

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US standard electric service for homes is 240 volts, single phase, which is supplied as 2 120 volt legs, plus a neutral. One hot leg plus the neutral gives you the standard 120 volts. Use both hots to get 240 for larger appliances.

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