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Hello Everyone,

One option many distillers don't consider as an alternative to working through a middleman, why not purchase your chiller system directly from the manufacturer?

Pro Refrigeration, Inc. is a US manufacturer of high quality chiller system solutions designed specifically to meet the requirements for distillery applications.

Please visit our website at www.prochiller.com to see that we offer complete packaged skid mounted solutions and modular solutions that can be assembled onsite. Sizes range from 3/4 HP to 400 HP in all voltages (including single phase systems that are only limited to motors 5HP and smaller).

We are working now on stocking many of our smaller HP systems and work hard to keep our system lead times in the 4-8 week range. Often times, if a unit is needed sooner, we can work something into our production schedule to accommodate your needs.

Each packaged system is factory tested at YOUR design conditions; we perform a full inspection of the system prior to shipping to the distillery. We also offer authorized factory commissioning and arrange a technician from our factory to perform the startup of your chiller system as well as answering any questions your personnel may have.

Although we don't offer installation, it is likely we have a Pro 5 Star Certified Contractor in your area to provide Installation and Service Support.

Factory training is offered and recommended for anyone that is going to be responsible for maintaining the chiller systems.

Please visit our website (www.prochiller.com) or contact me directly if you're interested in learning more about our chiller systems or training options.

I'm happy to help.


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