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Pennsylvania's Latest Distillery

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My experience started at a pretty young age with home brewing. Not that I condone this, but you never get carded at the homebrew shop. I spent about five years dreaming I wanted to start a brewery. I came to college as an engineer and started to take some entrepreneurship and business classes, I quickly learned that the beer market is already pretty saturated.

With my new found engineering knowledge I began to research and understand beverage distillation. I met up with some great business students in my entrepreneurship classes and the rest is history.

A year later we are legal and excited to join the market!

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Hi All,

I am part of a company that has just finished federal and state licensing. Finishing up our pre COLA and COLA now. Excited to launch into the market place!



Congrats Casey on your new venture! If you need bottles (which i'm sure you will) let me know and I would be happy to send some sample bottles out to you to check out.

Best regards,



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