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Getting your DSP bond


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Just thought I'd blast this out ... I have been writing a business plan, collecting equipment, and setting up my building for over a year now, and the WHOLE time I have been dreading the whole DSP bond thing !!!.. From looking over all of the posts related to bond problems, and the vague instructions in the CFR 27, and the confusing bond form 5110.56 , I have really been stressing over this issue.... Last week I took some advice from an earlier post and called Mary Allen @ MIV insurance

707-299-2408 ... WOW!!! Painless !! One phone call 2 emails and it was done !!! Easiest experience I've had in this whole process but the one I worried about the most ... Proof the forum works!!... Thanxxxx to all !!!... Brian

psss... I'll formally introduce myself after I send off my DSP application (maybe next week!!)...

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I dont have a problem sharing BUT ... you really need to work through the numbers for your own situation....mine was

183 pg 15 day production

1105 pg storage/ in transit

145 pg processing / bottling = 1433pg = $ 19,345.00 tax liability

I went apx double the 15 day production for withdrawl = 4000.00

Cost for the bond was 1.5% .... Hope this helps ,..

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Good Info. I just spoke to Mary and she was very helpful. A bit confusing at first but helpful as she got acclimated to the idea, I know nothing about bonding and what's to be considered. She is emailing a worksheet to determine what I'll need. Lets see how that goes.

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