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Forklifts and fire safety


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Hey all,

We're looking at forklifts for our facility, and wondering what forklift rating we need to be safe. There are apparently 11 classifications: https://sbms.bnl.gov/sbmsearch/subjarea/193/193_exh2.cfm

It looks like EX is the explosion-proof variety. But is that necessary? Could we get away with an EE, or even a propane powered LPS?

What are you using?



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They are not cheap but we have several EX rated forklifts. I don't like them and they are always in need of repair.

But we got them for two big issues. First and most important is safety and insurance. Second is the value of the stock. I don't know how the company would recover if we had a death and fire in the warehouse.

Can you get away with a non-EX forklift? Yes you can. I have witnessed drivers in an EX-forklift smoking a cig as he drove into the warehouse. But that was a violation of the safety rules.

So for my money I would go EX. They are a pain in the ass and I don't like them, but they are a safe pain in the ass and our insurance company likes them.

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Use safety signs, traffic control signs at intersections, aisle markers, and forklift procedure labels with pre-made signs, custom labels, or a combination of the two.   Nearby workers should watch for unsecured or imbalanced loads, listen for horns, keep away from areas where pedestrians may not be allowed, and be able to make eye contact with any forklift driver in the area. Use steering wheel covers and padlocks when necessary. LO/TO equipment prevents forklifts from inadvertently starting up during service or maintenance.

I am sharing with you useful source :



You can also search for  Forklift Certification, where you can get safety training tips.

Stay safe :):) 

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