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Looking for a still

Nir MH

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In my humble opinion, the information already contained in past posts with regards to stills is about as good as you'll get via this or any forum. The only way that you're going to come to a conclusion on what you need for your setup is to continue to look into the industry. Go visit other distilleries (call ahead and pre-schedule anything if you plan to do more than just go on a simple tour), go to workshops and classes, they'll be worth the money if not for just seeing their operation up close and personally. We specifically started our one-day course because of folks asking about working here for a day to learn the ropes. If I were to have taken a course like ours prior to setting things up, I probably would've saved tens of thousands of dollars, but there weren't near as many options for things like that 5 years ago when we were getting going. There are many, many MORE options for still makers (most are in the ADI directory) than there were just a few years ago as well. Bottom line for those figuring out how to set an operation up, If you're not prepared to engineer your own distillery, or don't have someone already involved in your operation that is going to be the main person to do so, I recommend you look into hiring a consultant (they're in the ADI directory). If you're simply wanting to set up a small operation without millions of dollars, go to a class or workshop (doesn't have to mine, we only have limited room anyway) to get your head on straight.

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