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Absinthe Help!


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Well I am a Chef who has been obsessed with Absinthe for the last 10 years! 7 years ago I started my journey in developing my own absinthe recipe well I have it and very proud of it, But I have no experience in the distilling industry. I need help! I first must explain I live in New Jersey and have studied the state LCB requirements, To start I am not a distiller I soak my herbs in low proof Alcohol and then put the mixture through the still this extracts all the essential oils, I then color and flavor with some other herbs and botanicals. By this definition my state says I am a rectifier. My dream is to take a grain neutral spirit flavor it with my herbs distill it and bottle and sell what I think is a spectacular product. Any advice of help would be greatly appreciated.

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If you run it through the still you need a federal Distilled Spirits Permit (DSP) in addition to your state licenses. Get in touch with other distilleries in your state and read everything you can on www.ttb.gov


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