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Does anyone know who makes this bottle rinser?


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I agree it looks like a once off custom. We use one of these from Tenco Italy, http://www.tenco.it/prodotto/sciacquatrici The only issue we had was it recycles the wash water, so we added a .2um cartridge filter in the loop. We easily do 300-400/hr.

Simple, brilliant and low cost. Sorry the page is in Italian but you get the idea. I know Tenco have distributors in the US.


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The still boilers (pots) and columns were made in Germany, All the interconnecting pipe work, gas train, control gear and supports were sourced locally. Basically as Australia is the largest supplier of copper, raw materials were 20% cheaper here. Also, items like gas control trains are difficult to get type approved for one off installs, We just went to a local specialist, and all the approvals were in place. I was not able to find skilled coppersmiths in Australia. Its a dying art.

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Hello all, just taking a chance to let you know about this bottle washer for any size, any format. Will wash recycle or new bottle before refilling.  Wash with soap, rinse with sanitizer and final rinse with heated water 200 degree.

Mike  (450) 651 0909  /  1 844 651 0909.


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