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Fermenting Room Temperature


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We are in the Northeast of New York State up in the Adirondack Mountains. Cold in the winter (subzero to 30's) and 70's up to 90 degrees (hottest it gets) in the summer. Question is the need for a temperature controlled fermenting room. We have a room that I could easily heat and cool without to much of an expense to keep the temperature constant. Is that a good idea? Is it necessary? Thought it might keep our product consistent. Spoke to another distiller that was having trouble making whiskey in the summer due to warm temperatures. Plan to make moonshine as well as whiskey,bourbon, gin ?rum. Thanks

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well the importance lies in the temp of your fermentation... if you have jakeded fermentors that have good control over their internal temp then the heating/cooling of the room itself isn't that important...it may help ease your cooling system but isn't essential. you must understand that temp has a great impact on how your yeast behaves and what flavors it produce. Too hot will make you're yeast work faster but they tend to produce off-flavors in their hurry and if per-chance your internal temp rises above 35 degrees celcius (-ish) you might actually start killing off your own yeast. This can happen in larger fermentors since yeast will produce heat as it metabolizes the sugars. Most importantly for you is that if you're doing fermentations all year round if you don't control your temp properly it will give different results in the flavor profile of your "beer"/pre-distilled product that can cross over into your distillate depending on your still conditions/efficiency/rectification levels.

I see you've waited a couple of months for this so you may never actually read this response but good luck to you

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