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Alberta Class E review

Artisan Still Design

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The AGLC is currently accepting interaction/input from interested parties regarding review and possible revision of Class E licencing.

this would make craft disilleries possible for the first time under provincial law.

current licencing has a minimum production requirement of 250,000 litres of pure alcohol.

formal discussion includes:

reduction of minimum requirement

elimination of minimum requirement

allowance of "Tied Houses" (brewing/distilling with on site sales)

open discussion brought forward by myself and others:

proposal for definition of "Craft Distillery" and creation of licencing for

tax breaks for 80% raw materials used from within province

I invite you to get involved

request a questionairre to fill out and return

email correna.bluetchen@aglc.ca

review takes place on January 31, 2013 so you don't have much time.

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