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Alcohol transfer hose (30-40ft)


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We're looking for about 30 to 40 feet of high alcohol transfer hose in the 3/4 to 1 inch i.d. variety. Plan on using it for our transfer pump to plate filter, so it needs to be rated for suction and discharge. We are trying to avoid buying the 100' roll and were thinking that maybe someone had to do just that and has some leftover sitting around. Let me know what you got! Possibly trade for some 1.5" Goodyear Purple Flexwing. You can reply here or contact me by phone.

Willie's Distillery



Nick Yalon

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I've really enjoyed working with the Glidetech Distillery Hose. My man Jeff over at CRP industries helped me out with getting my local distributor to pick up their line (getting anything in New Mexico can be a real challenge).

If you'd like to contact Jeff directly, you can email him at jcook(at)crpindustries.com or call him at (six10) 960-zero078

Again, I can't recommend this product enough.


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Without addressing the question of whether or not the "grounding" of the hose is necessary, since the hose is re-inforced with a steel helix, it would be a simple matter to ground the steel helix, or weld the steel helix to your tri-clamp hose adapters, or whatever.

Give Jeff my regards,


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